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Welcome to Manor Strategies. We work with a diverse array of clients to advance their legislative, community, and political advocacy agendas. Each campaign is as unique as our clients. It is our mission to drive advocacy solutions that move your ideas from concept to action. We combine our unique expertise in drafting legislation, building grassroots and grasstops support, and a sophisticated understanding of the political process to help our clients reach their goals. Whether you are a nonprofit organization that wants to pass legislation or a 501(c)(4) engaged in issue advocacy or political campaigns, Manor Strategies works with your team to create solutions-oriented outcomes that elevate your priorities.



Legislative Advocacy

  • Building Legislative Campaigns

  • Drafting Bills 

  • Supporting the Development and Implementation of Legislation

  • Engaging and Developing Community Advocacy Plans

  • Conducting Advocacy Trainings for Stakeholders

Political Advocacy

  • Building Political Allies

  • Differentiating Between and Building Political Entities

  • Political Entity Compliance Support

  • Vendor Support Services

  • Supporting Candidate Selection for Elected Office


Smiling young African American woman talk with female colleagues brainstorm at office team

Strategic Coaching

  • Strengthening Advocacy Skillset

  • Building Strategic Advocacy Initiatives 

  • Empowering Team Members to Lead

  • Identifying Advocacy Tactics

  • Building Effective Coalitions


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