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Manor Strategies was founded in 2020 as a solo consultancy. After years of working in education advocacy drafting bills, testifying in front of the Illinois House and Senate, and lobbying legislation that advances educational outcomes for students, The Founder and President Ariel Johnson, began working with individuals and non-profits to support advancing legislation in various statehouses. Recognizing that strong legislation is often hindered by a lack of political capital, she shifted her focus to learn as much as possible about the political mechanisms that drive campaigns for candidates for public office. During her time in education advocacy, Ariel has written over 50 pieces of legislation and defeated legislation that limits equity for underserved children and communities. 


Ariel believes that engaging the political and legislative processes with the right strategy and strong advocacy can uplift communities and advance social and civil rights for the most underserved among us. Using her legal training, she specializes in work related to education, racial equity, and social and economic justice initiatives. She has established a track record of success, curated strategic relationships and vendor services, and demonstrated the expertise necessary to build winning campaigns. 

Since 2014, Ariel has helped secure victories for 30 different candidates to the Illinois House and Illinois Senate. She has built advocacy and community engagement plans for numerous 501(c)(3) organizations across the country and looks forward to supporting organizations that believe in driving better outcomes for underrepresented communities. 

Ariel holds her Juris Doctor from Loyola University Chicago. She uses her legal degree primarily to serve the education equity community and support political compliance for organizations that utilize a 501(c)(4), Political Action Committee, or Independent Expenditure Committee. 


Thank you for visiting Manor Strategies. We look forward to meeting you and building together. 


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